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How To Start Advertising On YouTube

Humanity as a whole has witnessed a great progress nearly in all domains especially Advertising.  Life seems so much more comfortable than it used to be a few centuries ago.  With the advancement of Technology, people can have access to different types of products online just by triple clicks. This scientific and technological revolution brought about what is called now YouTube Advertising. First, if you will advertise on YouTube for the first time-picking up one of those ads that appear on your screen before you watch your video, then here is what you should know before you get on board.  This nine-step guide is merely made for beginners to start building a huge YouTube traffic. Step 1 : Create a Google AdWords Account Creating a Google AdWords Account is crucial when it comes to driving traffic to your business, so your ads will be seen by many people. If you already created your account, go to to create a new video ad. Step 2 : Link YouTube wit


It will come the time when you have to pitch a concept or an idea related to your business. This article will walk you through a framework to show you how to effectively create a pitch for your channel. You may think of building a collaboration with another channel or you think that your brand would be a perfect fit to represent a product or service. At this stage, it’s important to prepare your pitch which means a verbal summary that describes what you want and what value you may bring? Why you think your idea is worth investing resources in? And what actions you’d like other people to take? When you are preparing your pitch, you need to start with an easy, simple outline of your idea, who your audience is? And why you consider to work with them, and how you can frame with your idea in a way that it shows them that it’s a valuable opportunity. In general, pitching can be a tedious, stressful task, but if you practice your pitch more often you will get better. The key is to try t