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It will come the time when you have to pitch a concept or an idea related to your business.

This article will walk you through a framework to show you how to effectively create a pitch for your channel.

You may think of building a collaboration with another channel or you think that your brand would be a perfect fit to represent a product or service. At this stage, it’s important to prepare your pitch which means a verbal summary that describes what you want and what value you may bring? Why you think your idea is worth investing resources in? And what actions you’d like other people to take?

When you are preparing your pitch, you need to start with an easy, simple outline of your idea, who your audience is? And why you consider to work with them, and how you can frame with your idea in a way that it shows them that it’s a valuable opportunity. In general, pitching can be a tedious, stressful task, but if you practice your pitch more often you will get better. The key is to try to have a positive attitude even in you face rejection. Remember ‘’what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger’’. The more often you hear NO, the more self-confidence you likely get.

The main goal of a pitch is asking other people to take action, connect with other partners, or practice other activities that may take your idea to a higher level.
Pitching is a powerful tool which may open up a new horizon such as: collaborations, business ventures, and engage with your potential audience (pitching to your viewers).
Before writing your pitch, it’s important to know and define the type of audience you have. 

You need to think about questions they may have and what results you are looking for. What do you want them to do, think or feel? For instance, if you are pitching a X brand, does your concept satisfy the market’s needs. These questions may help you highlight your value proposition and anticipate your audience’s questions.

It’s advisable to reach the people (traffic) you will be pitching so you can plan out your message. When you are pitching a brand, make sure you consider asking the brand for a creative brief. A creative brief may indicate the Don’ts and do’s of representing your brand. In case you can’t get creative brief before your pitch, ask your brand contact for the goal of the project and brand guidelines. You need to know how the brand defines success.

Once you define your audience, now it’s helpful to estimate the total cost of your project (the amount of investment required). Try to take into consideration all expenses and make your budget for the services you’re providing.

You may be doing different jobs: for example, writing, editing, acting.., So you need to take this into consideration when setting your price. It’s even better to set an amount of money for hidden costs you don’t know yet. Or, you can consider that thing you will do that are valuable, but don’t cost anything like a highlight reel for the final project.

Once you come to understand your audience’s requirements and reviewed your costs along with designing your pitch in a way that considers these factors. It’s worth to mention that sometimes it’s highly recommended to propose multiple choices for the partnership and how you could expand on it in the long run.

There are definitely different ways to structure a pitch, the framework you can use is the following:

● Personal Introduction: Give a short summary about who you’re, establish a common ground and try to grab their attention (audience). Make sure to include accomplishments and statistics (if they are available) and try to relate to them and communicate passion for your brand.
● Grab your audience attention: describe the most important part of your project. Choose 5-10 powerful words that you see may capture your idea and try to emphasize them.
● Status of your project: Make sure your audience is familiar with the status of your project, and what is its status? To illustrate this, Tell them if you started developing the creative content already.
● Call to action: What is the major obstacle (s) that is holding you back from attaining your goal (s), in other words, what are you looking for right now: funds, collaboration, money, resources…
Keep in mind that if you are pitching to brands, it can be better to include certain details of your creative vision, how your brands look as well as how you will present the brand and finally what will be the reaction of your audience?

➔ Pitch Timing Management
Most people, especially beginners consider pitching as a challenge. But try to stay POSITIVE and never give up. Keep in mind that your pitch might never be the best. Here are some key suggestions that may help you become more confident with this process :

● The audience is the king : Approach your audience and try to figure out their needs and what they are expecting from you. The way you come across to your audience as your pitch is almost as important as the words you say, that’s why be careful with words coming out of your mouth!!
● Keep calm and don’t take rejection personally: Not all your audience will acknowledge your pitch. No, absolutely not, you need to believe in difference. What seems right for you may not seem right for others. The more you hear ‘’NO’’, the more comfortable you will likely get asking.
● Ask your audience for feedback so as to improve your pitch.
● Public Speaking: share your ideas with others and practice speaking at home in front of a mirror before you speak in front of an audience. This may result in helpful suggestions.
However, it’s crucial to remember that your pitch will improve. Simply highlight what is essential for you: your idea, your audience, the unique value proposition or the main steps required to make it happen.

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