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How To Promote Your Product Or Business Fast

If you just started in Internet Marketing, Solo ads is the fastest and easier way to get visitors to your website – ‘your squeeze page’, where you promote your product or business. 
Until you learn PPC Marketing, Facebook advertising, and s.o., Solo ads are an easy and fast solution.

The advantage of Solo ads is that you don’t need a long process of learning until you get results, but there’s a cost involved. Solo ads involve paying another website to send an email to their mailing list in order to promote your website. 
So, people opt-in and go into your mailing list and you can promote affiliate products to them in your email follow-up sequence.

There are two ways to find Solo ads.

Method one is by tapping into other people list.

First, you have to establish who is the targeted audience you need for your offer. 
Then, go on Google and find websites that target a similar audience, if possible in a similar niche. 
Find a list of potential solo providers and check if they have a similar audience to your own. Then, look for an opt-in form or other indicator which suggest that they collect emails and have a mailing list. 
Contact them through Contact Us page and ask the following questions:
Do you have an active mailing list?

Do you have by chance advertising spots on your mailing list?Take a look at my squeeze page URL and let me know if your audience would be interested in.

How many subscribers do you get per week?
If they have a responsive list, ask how much does cost an email ad?
Clicks – minimal quantity of click the seller has to be able to give you in a single mailing.
Price – price per click.
Sales – check if you wish to see only sellers who have generated sales for customers from recent solos.
Ratings – minimal number of ratings the seller must have.
Niche – select desired niche the seller performs best in.
If they say that they do sell solo ads, or that they would, you can ask:
How big is your list?
You have to take into account that the best price to pay for a solo ad is less money than you’ll earn from it; more return than investments.
However, not all Solo ads will give you great results. The main thing is just to ask yourself after trying any other list out, “Am I making money from this after 30 days?” And adjust your strategy accordingly.

The second method is to contact Solo sellers through specialized websites in selling email Solo ads. 

Finding the right seller is the most important task for your solo mailing. Be sure to carefully review all information about the person you have chosen.

Let’s quickly review all filters you can use:
Mailing date – closest available date the seller can mail on.
After you’ve selected all filters that are important for you, review seller cards. The seller’s profile has everything you need to make the final decision. This is the most important step you have to make, if you want to get the best possible quality. Do your research: read comments and look at average traffic statistics.

How to write an email Solo ad?
An email ad should be written in a way to grab the people’s attention, because you pay for it. You need a compelling title to make them open this email, but one to avoid the spam filters.  Address them personally; people like to feel special, so personalize your subject line with their name. The content should solve a problem they have and make them curious. Include a strong call to action and tell them what to do. Don’t make false promises just to get them to open your email.

Promoting your squeeze page through solo ads it does cost money and you can be left out-of-pocket — BUT — once you find a good match, it can be an amazingly effective and fast way of building your list. If you have the money to give solo ads go, it’s definitely worth thinking about.

Below it is a list of websites, where you can find Solo Ads for your business. I personally use them successfully. 
However, I cannot guarantee to anybody the same success. It depends on how compelling is your email ad copy and landing page. 
If you are a complete beginner, I suggest you to speak to the seller. 
Sometimes he can write for you the copy ad and make the landing page; in this way he guarantees a percentage of opt-ins. But, it’s an additional cost. The best part is that you can learn from him.
Check here the best Solo Ads providers: Udimi.comHuman Eye Balls


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