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4 Golden Steps To Powerful Goal Settings

Any typical human has dreams as well as goals in life.
The following 4 Golden Steps can help you in Goals Setting and in any aspect of your life.

The fact is, there are many things, important or trivial that people want to accomplish. That’s perfect, but there are unfortunately a lot of people make mistakes when setting goals.

The first step to achieving success is setting goals. Without goals, you lack direction and focus.

Most likely, goal setting gives you the ability to control your life’s direction. It provides you with a perspective whether you are succeeding or not. Making success is not a straightforward task you can do overnight, no absolutely not. You need to know how to set your goals. You can’t just say ‘’I want’’ and expect things to happen, that’s magic. Goal setting is a long process which starts with a deep consideration of what you want to achieve in the long run, and it ends with a lot of hard work and an iron will power.

There are some well-defined steps for each goal, these steps may help you formulate goals that you want to accomplish.

Here are 4 golden steps for powerful goal setting:

Set Goals That Can Motivate You

Motivation is the key to achieving goals. Once you start setting goals for yourself, it’s important that they should motivate you. That is, you are completely interested in achieving those goals, and there is an added value in achieving them. However, if you are not interested in goal’s results whatsoever, then the chances of you putting them in the work to be realized are NONE.

Set goals that are realistic and relevant to your priorities in your life, without this, you may end up with far too many goals. 

In general, goal achievement requires a strong will power, and commitment to maximize the likelihood success. You have to feel and inspire the sense of urgency and have an ‘’I should do this NOW’’ attitude so as to minimize the risk of getting disappointed, frustrated, or you may end up in a dramatic destructive ‘’ I cannot do anything’’ frame of mind. PAY ATTENTION!!

Expert advice

If you want to make sure whether your goal is motivating or not, simply write down why this goal is important to you. Honestly, ask yourself, ‘’If I were to share my goal with my friends, relatives or co-workers, what would I tell them to convince them it was a worthwhile goal?’’. You can use this motivating strategy to help you stay focused and make the goal happen.

Set Smart Goals

You may have heard of SMART goals. The acronym SMART stands for: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Set specific Goals:

Your goals must be well defined and clear. Vague goals are unhelpful because they make you lose concentration and they don’t provide the right way. Make it specific and simple as you can so as to get where you want to go.

Set Measurable Goals

Make exact dates in your goals so that you can measure your ultimate goal. If your goal is ‘’running an online campaign’’ how will you know when you have been successful? 1 month, 2 months, one year maybe. You need to have a precise, well defined strategy to measure your success.

Set Attainable Goals

Make sure that your goals are attainable and realistic. If you set a goal that seems impossible, then you will only demoralize yourself and kill your confidence. That’s why, try to set goals that are simple and easy. Psychologists suggest that accomplishing a goal that you didn’t have to work hard for can make you fear setting other future goals which may carry a risk of non-achievement.

Set Relevant Goals

Your goals must be rational and relevant to the direction you want your career and life to take. Keeping your goals relevant and simple may help you develop the focus you need to be a leader and do absolutely what you want. However, setting vague, inconsistent goals will just waste your time, and effort, then hold you back from achieving success.

Set Time-Bound Goals

Your goals must have a deadline or a time frame attached to it. In other words, you should know when you can celebrate success. What’s more, you need to work effectively on your goals because you don’t want to get behind, that’s why you have to work on a deadline.

Set Your Writing Goals

Writing your goals down makes it much more clear and definite. No excuses are accepted at this stage, once you start writing your goals use the use word ‘’will or going to’’ instead of ‘’might or would like’’. For instance, ‘’ I will run an online campaign this month’’, this statement is powerful. Then you can see yourself running a real online campaign. But using ‘’would like, might’’ will only make you frustrated, and can give you an unlimited list of excuses.

** Practical Tip: Post your goals in a place where you can see them to remind yourself every single day of what it is you intend to do. Put them on your desk, computer screen or refrigerator as a constant reminder. **

Make an Action Plan and Stick to It

This step is vital in the process of goal setting. You get to concentrate on the outcome that you forget to plan all of the steps which are needed along the way.

By writing your steps, and make sure to accomplish them ON TIME, you will realize that you are making an enormous progress towards your goals. This is important if you have big or long-term goals.

➔ Bottom Line: Goals setting is not simply saying you want something to happen unless you have clearly defined what you want. By following these golden steps you can gain confidence and enjoy the satisfaction.

So, what will you decide to accomplish today??

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