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How To Start Advertising On YouTube

Humanity as a whole has witnessed a great progress nearly in all domains especially Advertising. 
Life seems so much more comfortable than it used to be a few centuries ago. 
With the advancement of Technology, people can have access to different types of products online just by triple clicks. This scientific and technological revolution brought about what is called now YouTube Advertising.

First, if you will advertise on YouTube for the first time-picking up one of those ads that appear on your screen before you watch your video, then here is what you should know before you get on board. 
This nine-step guide is merely made for beginners to start building a huge YouTube traffic.

Step 1: Create a Google AdWords Account
Creating a Google AdWords Account is crucial when it comes to driving traffic to your business, so your ads will be seen by many people. If you already created your account, go to to create a new video ad.

Step 2: Link YouTube with AdWords
Verify whether YouTube account and your AdWords are successfully linked together. You will be able to complete this process by clicking on ‘’ Linked YouTube accounts’’ from the navigation menu.

Step 3: General Settings
Once you have chosen a suitable general settings for your ad, set a reasonable budget per day. It is highly recommended to start with a small budget and scale up as long as you get familiar with the whole process.
The ideal spend should be around $ 0.01 – $0.23/view. You will not be asked to pay Google unless the viewer watches your ad. There is a customization which could be allotted forbidding the advanced advertisers.

Step 4: Localize where you want your Ad to show up
You will be able to choose from a variety of areas, regions, countries, Zip codes.., local or international; it depends which one is the best option for your business. The more specific  your viewers are, the better results you will get. Going broad could be another option.

Step 5: Upload Your Video
After establishing the location, now you will be asked to select the video that you want to showcase, then upload it from YouTube to your account.

Step 6: Advanced Settings
In this section ‘’advanced settings’’, you need to choose a particular day/time within the day. You can do so, when you already know who is your audience and when you can get the best response from (there is a high percentage of achieving a lot of traffic out there).
   – Device Targeting
Get the most out of ‘’device targeting’’ by selecting a particular device. For the most part, it could be a tablet, mobile phone, laptop.. You need to test what device gives you the best results when it comes to traffic.
 - Choose Age, Gender, and Topics
Be vigilant when selecting the age along with gender to get specific around topics you want to show up. Choosing the right people - audience is crucial, being more specific, it may give you great results. You need to choose relevant words, phrases, categories (sub-categories) to reach out your potential audience. Be specific as much as possible.
– Choosing keywords
Once you start looking for keywords to reach your consumers who are supposed to search for on YouTube, try to use Google keyword tool to get relevant terms since the main source of these terms is Google and not YouTube (as many people may think). This procedure should be taken so as to avoid the wrong audience seeing your ad while most of them are not interested.

Short summary
This is only a concise summary for beginners who truly want to start advertising on YouTube.

I hope this nine-step guide gave you a wide idea about the whole process and how it works. 
Feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions concerning YouTube ads.

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