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4 Simple Ways To Make Money On YouTube

In this article are a few ideas on how making money on YouTube.

There are 4 potential ways to make money on YouTube:
  1. Google Adsense Program
One of the most reliable ways to make money on YouTube is through Google Adsense program. The way this work is simply by monetizing your account on YouTube, then YouTube or Google starts giving you a commission based on the number of views that you get. When you activate the Google Adsense monetization on your videos, you can notice that there are ads on your video. These ads may be found as banners on the side or at the bottom of the video, or just before your video start playing.

You can easily create a Google Adsense account; it’s for free at the Adsense website. You should be 18 years or older to create an account. You also need a PayPal account or a bank account, a valid mailing address and other information, so that Adsense can verify who’s behind the screen and who is going to receive money.

The only way you can earn money is through ad clicks, and a small amount per view. For a beginner, this may seem frustrating, but your earning can increase over time, as the traffic grows. That’s why you need to have a large audience base, that’s the key.

2. Promote Affiliate Products

For new online marketers the simplest way to make money on YouTube is by promoting affiliate products, which is the easiest way. Thanks to companies like Amazon, ClickBank, JVzoo and ShareASale products, you can review products, give recommendations and useful tips, or reveal a new product that you use and like. You can place your affiliate link in your video or in the description. 

Once you have sold a product, you will be paid the exact commission you had in the agreement. You need to make sure that the buyer will use your affiliate link to purchase; so use a strong call to action and be very specific where the viewers need to click. This is a great way to make money without creating your own product.

** If possible, put the link at the top of the description box.**

3. Sponsorships

Let’s say you watch a movie and see Nicholas Cage drinking Pepsi, wearing a trendy jacket, or driving a specific brand of a luxury car in his movies. Something similar happens when a company is paying you to display its product. 

However, you need to build a sort of relationship between you and the sponsors previously. This is truly a fruitful strategy, wearing a T-shirt with the company name on it, then you get paid!!

But keep in mind, it’s not so easy to get sponsors quickly, especially when you have a few subscribers and views. Be consistent in getting subscribers and views, build up your channel, then the sponsors will show up.

4. Lead Generation Source – Creating useful videos in your niche.

Before you can fully optimize your lead generation practice, you need to lay the foundation for success by making sure your videos, website and all current and future content is useful and appreciated by your subscribers.

Publishing helpful posts, articles and detailed descriptions of your product or service will properly educate your website visitors. When visitors feel that they can come to you for advice and have useful answers, your trust level and reputation increase.

If you are a small business owner, you can teach people how to use your product and what are the benefits of that product.

The lead generation strategy is a powerful way to increase the number of leads and finally get more customers and sales.

YouTube is a great platform where you can get traffic from, so make sure you have a call to action in your video, you may say ‘’get my free report ‘’, or ‘’get my free consultation or free training, or click on my website to learn more’’ etc.

By doing this, you can get traffic from YouTube, build a huge email list and drive traffic to your website.

This strategy is an effective way to get traffic for any business.

YouTube is a stage for everybody, small businesses, affiliate marketers, network marketers, big brands and companies. 

YouTube is an effective way to promote and advertise your product or website and get visibility.

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